Monday, November 5, 2007

YAY for my most favorite visitors!!!!

Katie Jane and Brady came to see us and we loved every second of it..... Although we did see a rat or two, it was a tad chilly and Katie had a hard time telling any single man selling anyting no... hilarious!! And all of this when my BFF is 71/2 months pregnant.. what a trooper!!


ryan and laura said...

um...did you just get married and move to ny? we're always slow to hear about everything! ryan and I are just hanging out on this rainy day on the other side of the state messings around blogging when we saw a link to your names. how fun! it's been so long! looks like you are having fun in the big city - I want to learn more about the blankies - do you sell them? we love blankies at our house as well!

trinabelle said...

Katie Jane would not survive long on her own in the big apple :) My poor gullable friend. hee hee. Good thing she had a fabulously hot tour guid You guys look like you had a blast! We need to plan a girls trip.


Katie said...

Suzy & bentley,
We seriously love you guys. Thanks for being such wonderful tour guides and hosts. We had a blast. We miss ya already!
(p.s. You are in trouble for posting the piano pict. with my big, huge pregnant belly)

Rocky & Krystal said...

i love your baby blankets to! i would love a sewing machine myself. i love sewing, and took lessons when i was younger.