Friday, August 10, 2007

Just a little sneak peak at the handsome groom!


The Crandalls said...

Suzette! I was excited to hear from you! Yes, I'm married and living in California. Congratulations on your engagement!! You two will make cute babies :) And I think the name Bentley is really cute, I mean cool. Manly. Yeah. I like it. How fun that you are making baby blankets! They are really sweet. Keep posting pictures of the hot couple, I love being able to keep in touch through blogs. Congrats again!!

Nikki (Schroeder)

Amber said...


We've never met but I married Vaughn Stewart and dated him when you're little sister was cheering with him. We both just wanted to wish you the best on your upcoming wedding. It's a good date. Vaughn and I will be celebrating 4 years on the 23rd. Good luck!!

P.S. I love the baby blankets!!

Bracken and Bracken said...

I stumbled upon your blog through Jason's and just wanted to say Congrats on your engagement! I saw your invitation on Aubrey's fridge the other day and you look beautiful. Best of Luck to you both.
Jacki (Messick) Bracken

Christensens said...

It seems like just yesterday we were up at oakley meeting Bentley for the first time. Now you're getting married! Congratulations! What a beautiful couple you make. Steve and I wish you the very best. We should all hang out again soon!